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NEW CONSTRUCTION COMMUNITIES FOR THE Americans that are getting older AND are still active and healthy!
  • Mar 27, 2015
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As baby boomers come into their 50s, 60s and 70s, the country faces big changes. By 2040, the number of Americans 65 or older will expand to more than 79 million—up from just 40 million in 2010.

NAHB forecasts that the share of households headed by someone age 55+ will increase through 2019 to account for more than 45% of all U.S. households. These ever-growing ranks of empty-nesters, new retirees, grandparents and active seniors create an opportunity for builders across the country to meet the special needs and preferences of 50+ buyers looking to relocate, downsize their homes or find a new senior-friendly community.

50+ homes often form around vibrant locations and social-engaged communities and often include amenities like nature trails, pools and recreation centers. Many use design elements that promote low-stress living and include special features like an extra bedroom suite for guests and accessible kitchens, bathrooms and gardens.

The 50+ niche is vitally important to help ease the transitions between life stages. Builders are redefining what it means to relocate with age by providing more lifestyle options for the growing 50+ population.

Active Adult Communities 
Today’s baby boomers are not looking for the isolated retirement communities of the past, yet many still want the sense of community and shared interests that come from living in a place designed for their generation. Active adult communities are made for residents looking to remain engaged and independent.

Many residents are still working or recently retired and enjoy communal amenities like pools, recreation centers, social events, hiking trails, tennis courts and nearby restaurants and shopping. For 50+ households, this can be an affordable option to downsize to a smaller home and still will allow them to age in place comfortably with a true sense of community.

Assisted Living
Assisted living is aimed at residents who want to live somewhat independently but have access to services like meals, personal care, social activities, medical support and in many cases 24-hour health supervision. Assisted living is for those who can no longer live entirely on their own, but don’t yet need the full support of nursing care. The level of service is typically adjusted to fit the individual to create personalized attention and individual care.

Community Care Retirement Communities
Community Care Retirement communities (CCRCs) are a happy medium between the support of assisted living and the independence of active adult communities. Residents can choose more independence by living on their own in single-family homes, apartments or condominiums, but as additional assistance becomes necessary there is the added benefit of assisted living or nursing care facilities. Residents transition smoothly and can rest assured that health needs can be accommodated minus the stress and hassle of moving. Like active adult communities, CCRCs often are rich with amenities and communal areas that foster community engagement, but they are also great for a sense of stability.

Trends in 50+ Building

Universal Design

Universal Design (UD) focuses on making a living space fully accessible to people of all different ages and abilities. This often requires small innovations in design that are increasingly inviting and stylish. Some examples are widened doorways for wheelchairs, adjusted showers and baths, raised flower beds for seated gardening, open, single-level floor plans and lowered appliances. These measures take away the stress of high-maintenance homes with steep staircases and high operating costs that many seniors live in today. With a move to a home with UD elements, you can have both updated style and feel totally comfortable in your own space.

Healthy and Active Lifestyle
Wouldn’t you want to live somewhere with its own nutritionist, massage therapist, spa and shuttle service? With a rise in demand for healthy living in recent years, many 50+ buyers demand these amenities — as well as lifestyle directors, workout classes and hiking trails.

50+ communities don’t just focus in physical health, but can also be great for a person’s emotional and social health. Many 50+ communities have social groups form around activities like singing, games or even line dancing. They are often located in warmer climates and most are built near central attractions.

One of the biggest trends in 50+ is to locate communities near big universities so residents can continue learning by taking classes or going to the cultural and academic events that revolve around college campuses. Many communities develop near public transit hubs or even provide their own transportation into central local areas. Some developments sponsor trips to large festivals, plays, religious services or other local events. These amenities make for a rich and busy life and manage to promote health as well as happy!

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